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Lot 1005* - A196 Decorative Arts - jeudi, 25. mars 2021, 13h30


Renaissance, Southern Germany or Strasbourg, 2nd half of the 16th century.
Closed rectangular iron case, painted and decorated with gilt applications. Painted frontispiece with two superimposed dials, the upper one indicating the month and day and the signs of the zodiac, the lower one featuring the hours in Roman numerals. The arc segment of the cornice displays the moon phase by means of a rotating sphere and the sculpted heads of a king and a queen. The doors, painted with Allegories of Wisdom, and probably with the owner of the clock. Iron movement with decorative corner pillars. Three stacked movements: one movement with verge escapement and wheel balance, and two striking-mechanism movements for striking the two bells. Marked on the back: Restauriert Anno 1983 F.K.
16 × 18 × 45 cm.

The case possibly later.

Beautiful iron clock with a carefully executed iron movement. A somewhat more simple, but in many details comparable clock, dated around 1620, is illustrated in: Fridolin Staub, Eine Sammlung alter Uhren, Gipf-Oberfrick, 2000, No. 91, p. 66. An externally almost identical clock is on display in the Württembergische Landesmuseum, Stuttgart. (Johann Willsberger, Zauberhafte Gehäuse der Zeit, Die Schönsten Uhren aus sechs Jahrhunderten, Düsseldorf and Vienna, 1974).

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