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Lot 1217* - A196 Decorative Arts - jeudi, 25. mars 2021, 13h30


Empire, Paris ca. 1810. The second chapter ring, signed Breguet Paris.
Rectangular case in mahogany, glazed on all sides. Bronze applications. Movement, in part skeletonized, with a large silvered chapter ring for the seconds, above a calendar and equation-of-time chapter ring. White enamel dial for the hours and minutes, placed eccentrically in the chapter ring for the seconds. Movement with Lepaute pin escapement, striking the 1/2-hour on bell. Compensation pendulum (pendulum spring repaired, tip missing, screw on bob missing).
30 × 19 × 48 cm.

Case, newly painted. Doors, jammed. Pendulum spring support, incomplete and modified, originally probably with a different suspension. Part of the stop wing, broken-off.
This precision clock has an elaborate and remarkable movement with a visible Lepaute pin escapement, constant power, a central second hand, and a calendar movement and an equation drive. The chapter ring for the seconds is signed Breguet Paris. The clock also features the typical Breguet hands. However, there are no other signatures on the clock, nor is the clock numbered. It is also assumed that the signature "Breguet Paris" was only used until 1791.

An identical clock is on display in the Centre National des Arts et Métiers in Paris, signed by Griebel and dated to about 1810. (See Tardy, La Pendule Française des origines à nos Jours, 2me partie, Du Louis XVI à nos jours. 6th edition, Paris 1987. See also: Klaus Erbrich. Precision Pendulum Clocks. Callway. Munich, 1978. No. 307.)

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