Lot 1454 - A198 Armes anciennes - jeudi, 30. septembre 2021, 17h00


Southern German or Austrian, ca. 1730/40.
Round barrels (L 34.3 cm), Cal. 15 mm, chamber part with carved decoration, elongated brass front sights set on the center rails. Flat lock plates and cocks, engraved hunting decoration of a sow hunt. Gilt brass mounts, side plates and thumb rests as well as knobs and trigger guard opulently decorated with Baroque ornaments, two ramrod sleeves. Carved walnut stocks, horn end, wooden ramrods with horn tip.
L 53.2 cm

Prächtiges, sehr gut erhaltenes barockes Pistolenpaar, wie es auch bei der Jagd zum Einsatz kam. Vgl. Hans Schedelmann: Die grossen Büchsenmacher, 1972, S. 200, Abb. 297, S. 227, Abb. 326.

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€ 3 270 / 4 670

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