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Lot 1030* - A202 Decorative Arts - jeudi, 22. septembre 2022, 10h00


Meissen, ca. 1710-15.
Cylindrical tankard with a ribbed handle ending in a scrolled leaf. The red stoneware coated with a matte, dark-brown engobe, the lid with a carved unidentified family coat of arms. The inside unfinished. Foot with circumferential gilt silver mount. Spherical thumb rest.
H 22.2 cm.

formerly Sotheby's London, 27 April 2010, Lot No. 170.

As early as August 1711, the entire product range of the Meissen Manufactory was listed, including a large number of different Böttger stoneware tankards, including "54 tall smooth tankards (fired)" (Boltz, KFS MB No. 96, 1982, p. 35).

After Böttger's death in 1719, his personal estate, comprising the Dresden warehouse and the Manufactory were inventoried. Among the Böttger stoneware were numerous so-called beer-, table- and drinking jugs classified according to their surface finish as raw (unfinished), polished, polished & lacquered, black-glazed, black-glazed & lacquered and enameled (Boltz, Steinzeug und Porzellan der Böttgerperiode, Keramos, 167/168, 2000, p.45).

Additional information on the coat of arms:
A thorough examination of the coat of arms on the lid of the tankard (in the Sotheby's Catalog cited as "Schütz von Moßbach") revealed that this only appears to be the coat of arms of a noble family. A comparison of coats of arms with helmet decorations from Saxony, Prussia, Thuringia, and Silesia yielded no results. Probably, it is a fantasy coat of arms, possibly for sales promotion or for wealthy commoners from Saxony, who enhanced their coat of arms with nobility markings.

CHF 42 000 / 48 000 | (€ 43 300 / 49 480)