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Lot 1417 - A194 Collection d'armes Sigrist - jeudi, 24. septembre 2020, 17h00


Swiss, last quarter of the 16th century. Ringier-Zofingen.
Square tip, blade with straight edge, decorated with simple engraving and punctiform perforations. Beak-shaped hook. Punched mark: "square with a diagonal beam and three spheres (= simplified Ringier coat of arms)". Two langets and two shaft bands. Clamp and octagonal shaft, restored.
L 209 cm.

- Collection M. Sigrist, Lucerne.

Hans Ringier (mentioned 1538-1567), who was naturalized in Zofingen, held the office of mayor from 1587-1605. His sons Michael (mentioned 1546-1605) and Jakob (mentioned 1540-1586) practiced the craft of knifemaking and weaponry. They also produced halberds. Cf. Schneider, Schweizer Waffenschmiede, 1976, p. 176, incorrect attribution of the mark.

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