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Swiss, beginning of the 17th century, 2nd model. So-called "Schwendtgertel".
Rectangular blade in the style of a single-edged blade, ending in a small point and bow-shaped protrusion at the tip. Marks: Maltese cross in a shield, over a bow-shaped segment between two small spheres, and "L" for Lucerne. Solid, rounded socket, two langets. Octagonal shaft, punched owner's mark "LUZERN" (Armoury Collection, Lucerne).
L 170 cm.

Slg. M. Sigrist, Luzern.

Ausserordentlich seltene Luzernerwaffe, vgl. E.A.Gessler, J.Meyer-Schnyder, Katalog der Historischen Sammlungen im Rathause in Luzern (1912), S. 46, Nrn. 207-214, als „Vorschwenkgertel“ bezeichnet. Ex Waffen-Auktion Fischer-Luzern, 26./28.9.2002, Nr.38.

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