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Lot 1015* - A202 Decorative Arts - jeudi, 22. septembre 2022, 10h00


Saxon-Polish, ca. 1729.
Brass hilt consisting of cast halves soldered with copper. Hexagonal conical grip with a central ridge, covered on both sides by a chevron pattern, chevrons in part smooth or finely patterned. Quillons with short square arms and scrolled ends, the center field ending in a point, decorated with: initials "AR" (King August II of Poland) with a crown on a dotted ground. Single-edged blade (L 67.2 cm, W 4.5 cm), wide hollow ground on both sides, double-edged in the third towards the tip, etched decoration: initials "AR" with crown in a Baroque cartouche.
L 81.5 cm.

In 1729, Colonel Christoph von Unruh, who was in the service of the Polish King and Saxon Duke August II (1697-1733), established a Janissary Corps (4 companies of 100 men each) recruited mainly from Poland and Hungary. The corps was stationed in Dresden and Warsaw. The sword on offer is an extremely rare hand-held weapon. Cf. Catalog "Trag diese Wehr zu Sachsens Ehr", 1994, pp. 16–17, No. 4.

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