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Lot 1489 - A198 Armes anciennes - jeudi, 30. septembre 2021, 17h00


Russian-Caucasian, Kubachi, Dagestan, end of the 19th century.
Silver hilt, parcel-gilt, solid grip with an oval cross-section ending in a horse's head, both sides with identical symmetrically-applied decoration, cut and chiseled leaf ornaments, in part decorated with niello. Quillon with spherical ends. The decoration matches that of the grip, the center set with an oval stone. Single-edged blade, Wootz-Damascus steel (L 70.5 cm). Solid silver scabbard composed of several parts, with symmetric decoration, such as chiseled leaf ornaments and niello, and set with six red stones.
L with scabbard 97 cm.

The village of Kubachi in the Dakhadayevsky District, now part of the North Caucasian Republic of Dagestan, has become famous mainly for its centuries-old tradition of silver- and goldsmiths. Among other things, high-grade blades were processed into shashkas and daggers, which were especially popular among the Cossacks, even in neighboring areas such as Chechnya. Sabers with horse-head handles are among the absolute rarities. Cf. Isa Askhabov, Kahamzat Askhabov, Searching for lost Relics, Moscow 2016, p. 100, dagger from 1897, from the same workshop.

CHF 12 000 / 15 000 | (€ 11 210 / 14 020)