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Lotto 1220 - A194 Porcellane della tenuta di Rosmarie Schmidt-Ducret - giovedì, 24. settembre 2020, 14h00


Meissen, ca. 1711.
Cut and polished, with incised, crowned AR monogram in the mirror and No. 37 and E. on the rim.
D 21.1 cm.

Surface, minimally rubbed in some areas.

- Frederick Augustus I, Elector of Saxony (1670-1733), King of Poland, Royal Collections, Dresden.

Siegfried Ducret, Porzellan der europäischen Manufakturen im 18. Jahrhundert, Zurich, 1971, p. 9, Ill. 5.

This rare plate was obviously intended for personal use by the King, August the Strong, as indicated by the crowned AR monogram in the mirror of the plate. It must have been part of a larger, as yet unidentified "Böttger" stoneware service, since Claus Boltz (2000) was able to link an identical plate from the Royal Collections, numbered "No.28", with a second plate in a public collection in Stuttgart (C. Boltz, Steinzeug und Porzellan der Böttgerperiode - Die Inventare und die Ostermesse des Jahres 1719, Keramos, 167/168, 2000, p. 87, Ill. 110).

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