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(1847 Berlin 1935)
Study to Netzflickerinnen. 1887.
Oil on board on panel.
Signed and dated lower right: MLiebermann 87.
70 × 91 cm.

- Auction Rudolph Lepke, Berlin, 6–7 November 1898, no. 52.
- G. Hempel, Berlin, 1907–15.
- Max Böhm, Berlin, 1923–31.
- Auction Rudolph Lepke, Berlin, collection Max Böhm, 28 January 1931, no. 32 (work remained unsold).
- Dr. Fritz Nathan, Munich, presumably acquired directly from Max Böhm in 1931.
- Robert Neumann, Berlin, acquired from the above, until 1936.
- Ilse Neumann, Meran, received as a present from the above in 1936.
- Auction Galerie Fischer, Lucerne, 20–24 May 1941, no. 953.
- Dr. Scherrer, Lucerne, acquired at the above auction.
- Auction Galerie Fischer, Lucerne, 25–27 May 1944, no. 768.
- Hans Soraperra-Blattmann, Zurich.
- Swiss private collection.

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The present large study for Max Liebermann's main work ‘Die Netzflickerinnen’ is both historically and thematically an important key work in the oeuvre of the German Impressionist. Throughout his career, Liebermann was greatly fascinated by ordinary people going about their daily work outdoors. While on his honeymoon in 1884, the genre theme of net menders was pointed out to Liebermann by his friend, the Dutch painter Jozef Israëls . Liebermann was captivated by the sight of the net-mending women working along the coast, waiting for their husbands to return and hoping that they would return home before the impending storm. This duality — of human dependence on fishing as a source of nutrition, on the one hand, and the indomitable violence of nature to which humans are relentlessly exposed, on the other — mesmerised Liebermann.

The artist began an intensive examination of the topic, creating a number of sketches and figure studies. The painting offered here immediately precedes the famous ‘Netzflickerinnen’, located at the Hamburger Kunsthalle and considered to be Liebermann's masterpiece. It is the only compositional sketch in oil that already corresponds to the main work and combines various smaller figure studies. Compared to those rather rigid studies, the present work, which is particularly large for a study, is a dynamic and captivating composition through its free and spontaneous handling of the paint. The approaching storm, suggested by the fluttering garments of the standing woman, lends the scene an ominous mood and underscores the drama of the theme.

After intensive research, all the heirs to Ilse Neumann were recently found and an amicable solution for the sale of the "Study to Netzflickerinnen" was found with them (cf. text on Robert Neumann p.4).

CHF 120 000 / 150 000 | (€ 123 710 / 154 640)

Venduto per CHF 354 100 (incl. premio dell'acquirente)
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