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(active in Aragon, 1st half of the 15th century)
Saint Peter enthroned as Pontiff, surrounded by six Apostles. 1420.
Oil on panel.
219 × 111 cm.

- Collection of H. P. Buchen, Berlin, 1958.
- European private collection.

- Cinoa, Amsterdam, 1970, Cat No. 37, p. 97.
- German art trade at Schloss Charlottenburg, Orangerie Berlin, 11.-19.9.1982, Cat No. 15/1, p. 68.

Literature :
Chandler Post: A History of Spanish Paintings, Vol. XII, Part 2, Cambridge 1958, pp. 600-601, fig. 254 (as Master of Langa).

Chandler Post compiled the works of the Langa Master (who is now considered to be Martin del Cano), active at the beginning of the 15th century in the Spanish province of Saragossa in Aragon, and published them in his History of Spanish Painting (vol. IX, pp. 778-783).

The panel here offered was originally the central panel of a very large altarpiece (approximately 187 x 163 inches (475 x 415 cm) similar to the altarpiece of Langa del Castillo from which the master’s name originated, and with which Post compares our panel stylistically (see ill.1 in the erratum). On both panels, Peter is pictured as a pope on a throne surrounded by six apostles. The ornaments of the niches as well as the surmounting archwork also invite comparison.

Post also indicates further similarities with the Langa Master's St. Peter figure in the predella of the St. Michael altarpiece in the Colegiata de Santa Maria church in Daroca, for example the same ordering of full-figure saints surrounding a seated main figure. The upwards gaze of the apostles in the lower part of the composition, and the same decorative elements to the floor are also to be found in the central panel of the Bauza collection in Madrid, which shows an enthroned Madonna with four saints (see Post, 1950 vol. X, ill. 125).

The present painting of St. Peter by the Langa Master, whose authorship has, by means of a photograph, been confirmed by Dr. Isabel Mateo Gomez, is of very high quality and a masterwork of early 15th century Spanish painting.

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