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Lotto 1094* - A202 Arti decorative - giovedì, 22. settembre 2022, 10h00


France, mid-18th century. Probably based on drawings by Jean Pillement.
Terracotta figure of a seated Chinese man wearing a straw hat and holding a songbook.
43 × 23 × 45 cm.

Minor chips.

Provenance: European private collection.

In the course of the 18th century, decorative Rococo chinoiserie features became more and more fashionable in the applied arts. At that time, it was "en vogue" to furnish interiors with Chinese and Japanese objects. Alternatively, people liked to use works of art that were made in Europe, but in the Asian style - porcelain objects, faience, furniture or even sculptures, such as the one on offer.
Thanks to Jean-Baptiste Pillement, one of the most prolific artists of the "chinoiserie style", and his book 'A New Book of Chinese Ornaments (1755)', countless porcelain figures, wallpapers and fabrics found their way into the most noble European interiors. In the process, Pillement started a new trend with his approach to chinoiserie decorations. The artist combined familiar domestic scenes with foreign exotic themes. The fact that the motifs were not too complicated made them easy to transfer to decorative-art objects. During his lifetime as well as after his death, Pillement's designs were used to create ceramics, silver objects, tapestries and textiles.
The terracotta figure on offer depicts a Chinese man sitting on a bench and singing. The anonymous artist probably based his sculpture on Pillement's designs and conveys the cheerfulness and joie de vivre of these designs.

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