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Lotto 3015* - A186 Dipinti di antichi maestri - venerdì, 28. settembre 2018, 14h00


(c. 1450 s'Hertogenbosch 1516)
A nocturnal landscape with the temptation of Saint Anthony.
Oil on panel.
With owl on the helmet on the right as a signature (see text below).
45 × 57 cm.

- Palais des Congrès auction (Martin), Versailles, 20.5.1979, Lot 29 (attributed to Pieter Brueghel the Younger).
- Hotel Drouot auction (Blanchet, Joron-Derem and Daguerre), Paris, 21.3.2001, Lot 17.
- Galerie Gilbert Molle, Lyon.
- Acquired from the above gallery, private collection, Lyon.
- Thence by descent to the present owner, private collection, Lyon.

With a detailed expertise by Dr. Jaco Rutgers as an autograph work of Herri met de Bles (Dinant c. 1510–c. 1566 Antwerp/Ferrara).

Little is known about de Bles, who signed his paintings with an owl. It is believed that he spent his last years in Italy and is the same painter known as Il Civetta (the owl in Italian). Accordingly, the owl in our painting should be understood as a signature of de Bles.

CHF 180 000 / 250 000 | (€ 185 570 / 257 730)