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(1580 Genoa 1651)
The Mocking of Christ. Circa 1600–1610.
Oil on canvas.
89.5 × 126 cm.

Expertise: Dr. Anna Orlando, 3.8.2019.

Swiss private collection.

Dr. Anna Orlando refers to the present painting as a characteristic work of the Genoese Caravaggist Gian Domenico Capellino, who was a pupil of Giovanni Battista Paggi (1554-1627). She compares it stylistically with two works by Cappellino, with the "Mocking" and the "Flagellation" of Christ in the church of San Siro in Genoa (Anna Orlando (ed.): Caravaggio e i Genovesi, Genoa 2019, ill. 32 und 36, p. 230–231). Therefore, she also suspects that our work was created as a counterpart to a Flagellation and associates it with a Flagellation of Christ of equal size presently held in a private collection (ibid. ill. 33, p. 230). She assumes a date of origin around 1600-1610.

Oil on canvas, relined. Fine net of craquelures. Colour abrasion along the edges. Superficial pollution and older touch-ups.
Under UV: several touch-ups on the figures and in the background. A restored canvas tear to the right on the back of Christ. Varnish appears in fluorescent green.

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