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Restoration at Koller: Furniture, Sculpture and Decorative Arts in Wood

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Preservation and Respect: Our Motivation

Restoration and conservation are important elements in the safeguarding of art and culture. The preservation of original materials as well as maintaining respect for the historical significance of each object are at the heart of our philosophy. Our main focus is on the restoration of furniture, sculpture and other wooden objects.

Each historical object has its own particular characteristics. Whether the subject is a polychromatic sculpture or a piece of furniture with an antique finish, we first and foremost strive to establish an appropriate restoration concept in accord with the client’s needs, and with respect for the object’s intrinsic value and utility. We would be happy to establish an individually tailored cost estimate for your works of art, or to otherwise advise you concerning their conservation.


All of the historically accurate as well as the modern products that we employ – including glues, pigments and varnishes – are chosen for their reversibility, as well as their appropriateness for the object at hand.

Documentation and Research

When feasible, a detailed materials analysis can be performed upon request. We can also fully document the restoration of your object and provide this report along with the restored item.


Koller Restoration Workshop
Hardturmstrasse 121
8031 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 272 77 71