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(1928 Kyoto 2013)
Untitled. 1958.
Oil on canvas.
Signed, also in Japanese, dated and with location on the reverse: DOMOTO 1958 PARIS 16è 9 rue St Didier, as well as inscribed on the stretcher: 1958-25.
65 × 92 cm.

- Galerie Stadler, Paris (with the label on the reverse).
- Private collection Germany.

Exhibition: Cologne 1966. Gruppe Gutai, Kölnischer Kunstverein, 27.01. - 27.02.1966 (verso with the label).

The works of the Japanese artist Hisao Domoto reflect his spirit of spontaneous improvisation and appear to be a direct expression of his artistic feelings. He makes use of a broad and richly contrasting colour palette, so that the paint dances on the canvas like flames, windstorms, or frantic waves at sea with an almost meditative flow. Domoto also seems to play with the ductility and malleability of the colour pigments. The sometimes flowing and energetic brush strokes, colours bleeding into one another and the splashes of colour appeal to the imagination of the viewer: clouds erupting, mountain landscapes, rock formations or waterfalls take shape before our inner eye.

The composition of our work from 1958 appears aflame with colour. The artist achieves a powerful depth and density with movements of both resurgence and fading, of the sunrise and sunset, bright, and at the same time mysterious. The viewer is lost in a splendidly abstract landscape painting.

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