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Lot 3465* - A207 PostWar & Contemporary - Thursday, 30. November 2023, 02.00 PM


(Beijing 1957–lives and works in Montemor-o-Novo)
Surveillance Camera and Plinth. 2015.
Marble. 15/17.
118 × 51.5 × 52 cm.

With the certificate signed by the artist, 1 October 2019. This work has been confirmed again on 12 September 2023 by the Studio Ai Weiwei. We thank the Studio for the kind assistance.

- Artist’s studio.
- Frahm & Frahm, Hong Kong.
- Private collection, Great Britain.

The art installation "Surveillance Camera and Plinth" by Ai Weiwei opens up a fascinating reflection on the interaction between control and visibility.

By combining a surveillance camera, an instrument of modern monitoring, with the timeless elegance of marble, the work emphasises the tension between advanced technology and the cultural values of the past. This contrast is a reminder of how the pursuit of security and constant observation can challenge our individuality and privacy. The sculpture asks us to reflect on how our modern world is increasingly permeated by a network of surveillance and how this inexorable development affects our personal freedoms and our relationship to the public sphere. In "Surveillance Camera and Plinth", art and technology merge into a powerful metaphor that invites us to explore the balancing act between security and freedom in our time.

In light of the increased use of state-of-the-art technologies to monitor the population by China as well as by other countries, Ai Weiwei's artwork lends a visual and philosophical dimension to this sensitive topic.

CHF 100 000 / 180 000 | (€ 103 090 / 185 570)