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(Muhlbrecht near Venlo 1558 – 1617 Haarlem)
After Polidoro da Caravaggio, 1592. Three (of a total of eight) sheets from the series: 'Antike Götter'. Including: 1. Neptunus; 2. Sol; 3. Vulcanus.
Copper engravings.
Each with engraved title in the upper margin, signed, numbered and inscribed in the lower margin: Polidorus inue. HGoltzius sculp.
Each ca. 35.5 x 22 cm.

Strauss 290 III/IV (of IV); 297 III/IV (of IV); 299 probably II (of IV, the watermark cut and not legible). – Very fine, clear and even impressions. No. 1 and no. 3 each with margin around the plate edge, no. 2 trimmed as far as the border. Scattered stains and tiny worm holes. Slight wear and finger marks mostly in the margins. No. 1 with a small tear in the upper margin. Slight remains of old mount verso.

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