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(Fontenay-aux-Roses/Paris 1934 - 2015 Reutlingen)
Tableau clous. 1970.
Acrylic and nails on wood.
Signed and dated on the reverse: Bernard Aubertin 1970.
20 x 20 cm.

Provenance: Private collection Italy.

With the confirmation of authenticity by the Archivio Opere Bernard Aubertin, Brescia, signed by the artist.

“As soon as several colours converge on a canvas, they lose their absolute value (the pure tone) and acquire a relative one. (…) In monochrome painting each colour retains its absolute value. Restricting to one colour brings the laws of space to the fore. Space is the product of a single colour. The viewer of a monochrome painting feels saturated by the colour, they sense the fierce longing to immerse themselves in the colour”. Bernard Aubertin

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