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Renaissance, Flanders, 2nd half of the16th century.
Depicting the story of Philip (Acts of the Apostles 8.26 - 40). Philip is led by God to the road between Jerusalem and Gaza: "Leve toi et ... midi." The Holy Spirit advises him to keep to the Chamberlain of Candace, Queen of Ethiopia, who passes by on a chariot accompanied by soldiers: "Approche et tadionis a ce chariot". Philip points out a passage in the book of Isaiah to the Chamberlain, which he reads but does not understand at first: "Il fut mene come la brebis a occis iona". After understanding, the Chamberlain is baptized by Philip. Wide border with grotesque motifs, angels and tendrils.
372 x 337 cm.

Various restorations and losses. In part, highly faded. The left border strip added later. Repairs over insect damage, especially in the lower area, four banners replaced, empty.

The representational form of the staggered landscape, in which the story of the same figures is told in different stages, corresponds to a medieval pictorial program. Worth mentioning are the French Bible quotations, taken from what was probably the first Latin-French edition of the New Testament, published in 1522 by the Paris-born printer and publisher Robert Estienne (1503-1559). Equally outstanding are the grotesque borders that reference prints from Italy, from Raphael's circle and succession.

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