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Lot 1006 - A202 Decorative Arts - jeudi, 22. septembre 2022, 10h00


German or Swiss, last quarter of the 16th century.
Staghorn powder flask body with forked ends (forked antler piece). The front side is smooth and engraved, and depicts a noble husband and wife. Iron mount original, two closure caps, the end of one lid is missing. Screw-on bottle cap, long nozzle with spring closure, the base with a spring lock. Four carrying rings.
L 24.8 cm.

Attractive powder flask in good original condition, Cf. Ray Riling: The Powder Flask Book, 1953, pp. 238-239, Ill. 37.

CHF 600 / 1 000 | (€ 620 / 1 030)

Vendu pour CHF 750 (frais inclus)
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