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Swiss, ca. 1865. Valentin Sauerbrey Basel (1804–1881).
In the style of the Colt system. Octagonal barrel, rifled and bronzed, signed V. Sauerbrey in Basel and designated in English (English cast steel). Barrel length 19 cm, Cal. 9 mm. Blued, five-shot drum. Open frame tinted grey with weapon number No. 25. Swivelable ramrod. Grip covered with wooden shells. In original box with company label Valent. Sauerbrey Arquebusier à Bale and indicating awards until 1862. The inside of the box is lined with green felt. Contents: Powder flask in copper with patent spout, piston wrench, screwdriver, cleaning rod, capsule- and grease container. Bullet pliers, missing. Owner plaque engraved Rud. Geigy-Merian.
Box: 40 × 20.5 × 6.5 cm. cm. Total length: 32.5 cm.

Valentin Sauerbrey (1804-1881), who came from Zella St.Blasien (Saxony), had been working in Basel since 1845 as an armourer and ran a gunsmith workshop. Between 1851 and 1862, he received international awards for his excellent work time and again. He was the holder of several patents and also had other systems such as the present Colt revolver copied. Rare gun in excellent, mint condition. Cf. Heer, Støckel II, 1979, p. 1108. Peter F. Kopp, Cristian Reinhart, Valentin Sauerbrey 1846-1881, Basel 1972, p. 44, Colt.

This weapon was owned by Johann Rudolf Geigy-Merian (1830-1917), an important Basel personage, co-founder of the Basler Handelsbank (later Bankverein), among others. From 1898, he operated a chemical factory in Grenzach, which later became the company J.R. Geigy-AG, known for its large-scale production of aniline dyes.

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