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Lot 3527 - A189 PostWar & Contemporary - Saturday, 29. June 2019, 02.00 PM


(1937 Freiburg/Breisgau 2017)
Rote Lichtreaktionen. 2005.
Metal sticks, electric cables, transitors, light bulbs.
Height 51.5 cm. Unique.

Provenance: Private collection Switzerland.

“My works are dependent on an active viewer: the sound objects, light reliefs and kinetic sculptures await a spectator who will “play”, who will make the work “speak” through movement or sounds. The inner workings of an electronic object can be explored through interaction, the to and fro of action and reaction, much as a person’s psyche opens up through a conversation. However, the “language” spoken here is primitive: it comprises movements and simple sound structures. Nevertheless, the condition of the viewer transmits to the object: calm or irritation, shyness or liveliness, boredom or curiosity trigger correspondingly different reactions. So, for example some objects react to the viewer’s increased pace with increasing complexity, other processes which are already ongoing, respond to a prolonged influence with heightened or reduced intensity.”

Quote from Peter Vogel – pioneer of electrical and interactive object based sound art.

CHF 1 000 / 1 500 | (€ 1 030 / 1 550)

Sold for CHF 3 000 (including buyer’s premium)
All information is subject to change.