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Lot 506 - A194 Manuscripts & Autographs - Wednesday, 23. September 2020, 04.00 PM


Compilation of prayers and religious texts from the surroundings of the Naqshbandiya Sufi order. Arabic manuscript on smoothed paper. With 2 illuminated miniatures and 1 color illuminated graphic, color illuminated title page as well as numerous illuminated surah headings and recitation symbols. Multiple border frames with 13 lines of black ink.
Ottoman Empire, probably late 17th or early 18th century. 15 x 10 cm. [52] leaves. Contemporary leather on wood covers withs clasp, rich ornamental gold stamping on ceilings and endpaper, speckled gilt edging (minimally rubbed and only slightly bumped, ceilings slightly warped).

Vocalized naskhî. Careful and calligraphic handwriting. Contents: 1. Names of the companions of the prophets who took part in the Battle of Badr; 2. prayer; 3. Evrad-i Fethiye-i Naqshbandiye = ceremonial formulas of the Naqshbandiya order; 4. About the "Paradise of Names"; 5. This is followed by a text in Ottoman Turkish with reference to al-Ghazalî; 6. Commentary on the previous text; 7. some shorter prayer texts with comments. - The two miniatures with roses as a visualization of the Prophet Muhammad, the round graphic with the "Paradise of Names" with an apotropaic effect. - Partly reinforced to gutter, a few professionally executed sheet restorations (to margins, without loss of text or image), some sheets with slightly damp margins, only slight text blurrings in places. Overall, however, very clean and legible handwriting. - Provenance: Swiss private property for several generations.

CHF 2 500 / 4 000 | (€ 2 580 / 4 120)

Sold for CHF 4 375 (including buyer’s premium)
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