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(Brüggen 1558 - 1617 Haarlem)
Young woman with eyes closed, her head supported by one arm. Probably a portrait of Sophia Goltzius.
Pen and brown ink.
16.1 x 18.3 cm.

Holm Bevers, to whom we are grateful for his help with the assignment of this drawing, pointed out the great similarity of the sitter with Hendrick Goltzius’ metalpoint drawing "Lesende Frau (1591)" (Young Woman Reading) in the collection of the Berlin Kupferstichkabinett. According to tradition, she is believed to have been the artist’s sister, Sophia (Reznicek 1961, K 347). She is probably also shown in other drawings (Reznicek K 358 and K 373). The slightly curved lips and nose are very comparable. The two women also show something very similar in their posture and facial expression.

Stylistically, the drawing is close to the work of Hendrik Goltzius, but it also shows differences in some areas, such as the working of the cheek area. Whether it is a work from the circle of Goltzius or an old copy after an old original must remain open for the time being.

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