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Renaissance, Southern Germany, probably Augsburg, the movement dated 1634.
Copper and bronze, in part chased, engraved and punched, and fire-gilt. Rectangular case. Domed belfry. Engraved all around and punched with flowers, tendrils and scrolls. Front with silvered and in part enameled dial. Disc for the alarm. The rear with a dial, in part enameled, for setting the striking mechanism. Iron movement with pillar design, verge movement with wheel balance. Mechanism striking the 1/2-hour on bell. Small alarm movement on bell. Winding via worm wheel, the movement with a chain, the striking mechanism with a string. The dome contains later devices for locking the striking mechanism and the alarm.
16 x 16 x 32 cm.

Possibly, converted to front pendulum.

A tower clock with a very similar decoration, but a different belfry, also described as an Augsburg work and dated around 1620, is depicted in: Karl-Ernst Becker und Hatto Küffner, Battenberg Antiquitäten-Kataloge, Uhren, Munich 1978, p. 73, no. 19.

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