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Swiss, in the style of ca. 1600, work from the 2nd half of the 19th century, Lucerne.
Square tip with a wider base, chiseled "L" (pseudo-mark). Hammer part with four tips. Two square parrying spikes in the center of the hammer part. Two langets and bands, octagonal shaft.
L 231.5 cm.

The name "Lucerne hammer" was created around 1850/60 by the Lucerne collector J. Meyer-Bielmann and found its way into the technical literature in 1869. The weapon is traceable as a "murder axe" in Lucerne inventories at the end of the 16th/17th century. Due to the lack of original weapons, good replicas were made in Lucerne in considerable numbers for collectors and tourists as "souvenirs".

Collection M. Sigrist, Lucerne.

CHF 500 / 800

€ 470 / 750