Selling / Estimations



-   for sale at auction or private treaty

-   for insurance purposes

-   estate settlement and distribution

Our services are designed for private individuals as well as for estate executors, administrators and trustees who desire a professional appraisal based on fair market or replacement value, from a single object to an entire collection, or as a basis for making a decision whether or not to sell. In certain cases we provide a complete proposal, outlining our conditions and the entire auction process, from consignment to sale.

Estimates in view of a possible sale with Koller without obligation.

Please note that we can only provide estimates for items that in our opinion are appropriate for sale in our auctions or for private treaty sale.


Please contact our appraisals department at, or one of our specialists directly.

Old Master Paintings

Karoline Weser
Tel. +41 44 445 63 35

19th Century Paintings

Karoline Weser
Tel. +41 44 445 63 35

Swiss Art

Cyril Koller
Tel. +41 44 445 63 63

PostWar & Contemporary

Silke Stahlschmidt
Tel. +41 44 445 63 42

Prints & Multiples

Silke Stahlschmidt
Tel. +41 44 445 63 42

Old Master Drawings & Prints

Franz-Carl Diegelmann
Tel. +41 44 445 63 33

Books, Manuscripts & Autographs

Dr. Andreas Terwey
Tel. +41 44 445 63 44


Gabriel Müller
Tel. +41 44 445 63 40


Corinne Koller
Tel. +41 44 445 63 22

Porcelain, Faience & Glass

Sabine Neumaier
Tel. +41 44 445 63 12

Carpets, Art Deco & Art Nouveau

Jean-Pierre Dalla Vedova
Tel. +41 44 445 63 11


Cyril Himmer
Tel. +41 44 445 63 38

Fashion & Vintage

Jara Koller
Tel. +41 44 445 63 08


Carla Süssli
Tel. +41 44 445 63 61

Asian Art

Regi Preiswerk
Tel. +41 44 445 63 13


Depending on the circumstances, we can either give you a general idea based on photos, or we can make an appointment to view the property in one of our locations, at your home, or wherever it happens to be located.


If your property is appropriate for sale in one of our auctions, we will send you a proposal for sale, including our terms and conditions. Our commission rate is competitive and varies according to the value of the items you wish to sell.


Once we have mutually agreed upon an auction estimate and contractual terms, we will help to arrange the professional shipping of your item to our premises. Our logistics team, armed with decades of experience, will take care of all export and import papers if necessary.


Every item consigned to us is fully insured from the moment it is collected from the seller until the moment it is sold to a new owner.


In Zurich, our specialists will carry out further research and cataloguing. The descriptions in our catalogues are the result of exhaustive research and comparative studies, often with the scholarly support of the most renowned independent experts in the field. This allows us to guarantee the age and authorship of each work of art that we offer.


Our marketing department will make sure that your work gets international ex­posure, and that all possible buyers are aware of its sale at auction. Our sale announcements, together with our printed and online catalogues (available on numerous online auction platforms as well as our own website), reach thousands of specialized collectors and connoisseurs world­wide. Press releases and intensive advertising campaigns serve to publicise our auctions, and our specialists personally contact selected art collectors before the sale.


The preview is artfully arranged so that each work is shown in its best light, and international previews allow busy col­lectors to view certain works closer to their homes.


All of our preparatory work culminates in the actual auction day, when collectors and professionals will vie for the right to own your treasure. Each auction is dedicated to a specific collecting field. Collectors have the choice of several means of bidding in the sale (see “How to Buy at Auction”), and our auctions are also accessible on the most visited online art market platforms.


You will normally receive payment for your sold items within six weeks after the auction, which allows you a moment to indulge in the pleasant task of deciding just how you will enjoy spending the proceeds!


A significant amount of the items we sell comes from countries outside of Switzerland.


Our logistics team is thoroughly familiar with import and export regulations both within and outside of Switzer­land, and routinely handles all customs formali­ties, as well as export licenses.


Our consignors do not pay any VAT, nor any other customs duties when their property is brought into Switzerland for sale in one of our auctions.