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(Rome 1927 - 2005 Perugia)
Untitled. 1963.
Oil on canvas.
Signed and dated on the reverse: PIERO DORAZIO 1963.
35 x 45.5 cm.

This work is registered in the Archivio Piero Dorazio, Milan, with a photo certificate dating 19 February 2019. We thank the Archivio Piero Dorazio for their kind support.

- Purchased around 1963 when the work was executed, private collection Switzerland.
- By descent to the present owner, also private collection Switzerland.

„We know more or less what space is now, but Dorazio’s space is something else, a living reality made up of coloured energies and their arrangements, of structures that give the impression of having been born spontaneously but instead owe their existance to the artist’s impetus and the instinct of his hand.“ Will Grohmann, 1961

CHF 18 000 / 24 000

€ 16 820 / 22 430

Vendu pour CHF 33 240 (frais inclus)
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