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Louis XV, France, Paris, 1st half of the 18th century. The dial and movement signed Delorme à Paris. Jean Philippe Delorme, Parisian master watch-maker from 1742 onwards.
Curved wooden case, with applied brown-dyed tortoiseshell, and opulently inlaid with finely chiseled trailing flowers and tendrils in brass. Gilt bronze mounts. Bronze dial with white enamel cartouches. The movement with verge escapement, striking the 1/2-hour on bell. 1 key.
125 x 51 x 26 cm.
This object contains material of endangered species and is subject to certain trade restrictions. Prospective buyers should familiarize themselves with relevant customs regulations prior to bidding if they intend to import it into another country.

One enamel cartouche, discolored (probably restored). Some losses in the marquetry.

Beautiful, well-preserved pendule with expressively worked bronze mounts. Marquetry with well-preserved engravings.

Literature: H.L. Tardy, Dictionnaire des horlogers français, Paris 1972; p. 174 (biogr. information).

CHF 5 000 / 8 000

€ 4 390 / 7 020

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