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(1787 The Hague 1870)
Ice skating scene. 1824–29.
Oil on panel.
Signed lower right: A. Schelfhout. f.
37.8 × 48.6 cm.

- With art trade Pieter A. Scheen, The Hague.
- Private collection.
- Sale Venduehuis der Notarissen, The Hague, 15.12.2020, Lot 67.
- Dutch private property.

- Willem Laanstra: Andreas Schelfhout, Amsterdam 1995, p. 149, no. WO 38-1 (with ill. / slightly differing dimensions).
- Herman de Vilder and Kris van de Ven: Eugène Verboeckhoven et ses peintres collaborateurs, Sint Niklaas 2006, p. 390, no. 325 (with colour ill.).

Andreas Schelfhout gained renown for his compositions of romantic summer and winter landscapes as well as coastal scenes, and among these the group of so-called ‘Wintertjes’ (pleasures on ice) – to which the present work belongs – remains unsurpassed.

Even during his lifetime, the Dutchman's landscape paintings, carefully executed with technical finesse, enjoyed great popularity. No one else was able to capture the lovely atmosphere of a summer landscape or the frosty cold weather of a winter day in quite the same way as Andreas Schelfhout.

Certain compositions were enhanced with livestock by fellow artists, such as Pieter Gerardus van Os (1776–1839). This could possibly be the case for the figures and the horse on the left side of this composition, which were most likely not executed by Schelfhout himself.

Together with Barend Cornelis Koekkoek (1803–1862), Andreas Schelfhout was one of the most important representatives of Dutch landscape painting of the Romantic period, which is why it is not surprising that well-known artists’ names such as Johan Bartold Jongkind (1816–1907) and Charles Leickert (1819–1891) appear among the list of his pupils.

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