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France, 19th century.
Oak, carved with rosettes, trefoils and crabs. The inside with two ivory reliefs depicting scenes from the life of Jesus. The center panel depicts a group of people at the Cross, with Mary and the Christ Child, between two saints. The ivory reliefs are framed by Gothic architectural motifs. Remains of paintwork. Iron mounts.
61 x 20 x 104 cm.
This object contains material of endangered species and is subject to certain trade restrictions. Prospective buyers should familiarize themselves with relevant customs regulations prior to bidding if they intend to import it into another country.

Risse im Elfenbein sowie im Holz.

Schönes Triptychon in spätgotischer Manier, das sich wohl an ein bestehendes Vorbild anlehnt.

CHF 4 000 / 7 000

€ 3 740 / 6 540

Vendu pour CHF 11 875 (frais inclus)
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