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Lot 3223* - A183 Art Impressionniste & Moderne - vendredi, 08. décembre 2017, 16h00


(Speyer 1880 - 1966 Basel)
House under trees. Circa 1911.
Oil on canvas.
46 x 38.5 cm.

- A. Pacitti, Paris.
- Hotel Drouot, Paris 1995, Lot 35.
- Private collection, Germany.

Literature: Lenz, Christian / Billeter, Felix: Hans Purrmann. Die Gemälde I, 1895 - 1934, Werkverzeichnis, Munich 2004, n. 1911/05, p. 164 (with ill.).

In 1905 Purrmann met the artist Henri Matisse in Paris. In addition to a good friendship, a teacher/student relationship simultaneously developed in which Purrmann viewed himself as a student of the older Matisse. From Paris, the two undertook various trips abroad. In addition to stays in Germany, the artist friends travelled to the south of France. In Cassis and Collioure, they depicted the surroundings and created colourful works – Purrmann always out to learn from Matisse and develop from his criticism. "[…] He (Matisse) then began to praise himself and claimed I had made tremendous progress, he is delighted with the richness of the colour, with the harmony, and he finds my present work as savoureuse in colour and plein as what I used to make, found that I had only changed my palette, which he considered to be the hardest thing to do, and he found this very distinct and very painterly." (cited in: Billeter, Lenz: Purrmann. Die Gemälde, vol. I, p. 35)

Probably due to the influence of his teacher, Purrmann's brushwork becomes freer and looser in the paintings of Collioure in the same way that his colour palette changes and becomes stronger. The present work was painted on this same trip with Matisse in Collioure. On the back of the picture, it is noted that the work was submitted before Matisse in 1949 and that he recognised the hand of Purrmann, thus attributing it to his friend/student. On 19.02.1950 Purrmann confirmed Matisse that the present painting is his own work.

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