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Lot 3219 - A195 Art Impressionniste & Moderne - vendredi, 04. décembre 2020, 16h00


(Wedel 1870–1938 Rostock)
Mutter mit Kind II (Mother with child II). 1935.
Bronze, brown patina. Cast from 1978.
Signed and numbered on the back of the base: E. Barlach 6/6 as well as with the foundry mark: H. NOACK BERLIN.
H 59 cm.

- Ernst Barlach License management, Ratzeburg.
- Private collection Germany.

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"By golly, there are bronzes sitting there”, declared Barlach in 1906, when he and his brother went on a trip through southern Russia and first saw the Russian people in the steppe. He was dazzled by the simplicity of the people — the peasants, the shepherds and the beggars — which formed his sculptural eye and inspired him to sculpt. Those three months in the Russian steppe became a key experience for the artist. (E.A. Seemann 1996, p. 8)

"I think there is no need to deny the legend that I was brought to express myself in three dimensions ‘only through Russia’ — or however that was phrased. The fact remains that to my eyes reality was three-dimensional and that I had an unsatisfied longing, the willingness and the ability to perceive the sculptural value. Russia gave me its forms ... Shape — just shape ... No, an unbelievable realisation dawned on me: everything that is yours — the external, the internal, the pious gesture, the irrepressible gesture of anger, you can risk without hesitation, for everything, be it the hellish paradise or the paradisiacal hell, has its expression, as in Russia, where one or the other was put into effect” (quoted in: Ernst Barlach Handzeichnungen: Die Sammlung Niescher, Hamburg 1972.)

Barlach's works from the 1930s are directly tied to that trip to Russia and are immediately connected in both spirit and motif. The present work, "Mutter mit Kind II", is part of a series of works that Barlach created in 1935, ours being the last mother with child sculpture. He must have encountered the motif several times during his travels, as Barlach took up the subject and created the sculpture Russische Bettlerin mit Kind as early as 1907, one year after his stay in Russia. As is typical for his female figures inspired by Russian beggars — which are stylistically close to Gothic sculpture — the body remains block-like and covered by a long robe. The face is free and the source of every kind of emotion.

Three of the six bronze casts of Mutter mit Kind II are now in German museums, the other three are in private collections. Our bronze sculpture is the first to appear at auction.

CHF 40 000 / 60 000 | (€ 41 240 / 61 860)

Vendu pour CHF 67 400 (frais inclus)
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