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Lot 1404 - A194 Collection d'armes Sigrist - jeudi, 24. septembre 2020, 17h00


German or Italian, ca. 1515/25.
Blank iron, partly corroded one-part skull, with three chased and ribbed bulges. The neck part features a riveted, two-part sleeve for a feather. Cheekpieces, each with seven punctiform perforations. Perforations distributed over the helmet surface, for fastening a fabric lining.
H 18.2 cm. C: 2-3.

- Swiss private collection.
- Collection M. Sigrist, Lucerne.

An extremely rare type of helmet, formerly in the Collection Zschille. Rudolf Forrer designates this type of helmet as a "Landsknecht" or "Jagdhelm". A similar example can be found in the Schweiz. Landesmuseum, cf. Gessler, Waffensammlung Schweiz. Landesmuseum, 1928, Plate 23. Provenance: Robert Forrer, Waffensammlung des Herrn Stadtrat Richard Zschille in Grossenhain (Saxony), Volume 1, 1896, Plate 6, No. 44.

CHF 2 000 / 2 800 | (€ 2 060 / 2 890)

Vendu pour CHF 6 875 (frais inclus)
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