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Nymphenburg, ca. 1970. After the Electoral Court service from 1765.
Painted with festive flower bouquets, butterflies and insects, and gold lace borders. Comprising:
1 large oval terrine (29 cm),
1 small oval terrine (23 cm),
26 dinner plates,
12 appetizer plates,
12 dessert plates,
11 bread plates,
12 soup cups and saucers,
4 flat round bowls (20.5 - 27 cm),
2 vegetable bowls,
2 salt cellars,
2 sauceboats,
2 oval plates (44 cm),
4 oval plates (40.5 cm),
1 round plate (36.6 cm), and
2 round plates (33 cm)
Manufactory mark printed in green, additional mark.

The Rococo service of the 18th century par excellence, here in a new version from the 20th century, was the first "Churfürstliche Hofservice" of the Nymphenburg Manufactory at the Wittelsbach Court, painted by Joseph Zächenberger in 1765 with festive bouquets of flowers, butterflies and insects.
At the end of the 18th century, it was replaced as a court service by the "Bavarian Court Service" by Dominikus Auliczek. It experienced its renaissance in 1913, when the service was again commissioned as an extensive dinner service for the wedding of Ernst August, Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg, son of the last Duke of Cumberland, with Victoria Luise, daughter of the last German Emperor William II.

CHF 8 000 / 15 000

€ 7 480 / 14 020

Vendu pour CHF 61 300 (frais inclus)
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