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Lot 5009 ♣ - ibid118 online only Sculptures & Varia - mardi, 30. mars 2021, 10h00


Renaissance, Italy, early 17th century. After a bronze plaque by GIAN FEDERICO BONZAGNA, dated 1561.
Tortoise shell, carved in relief and accentuated in gold. The background features buildings in the City of Jerusalem.
15 × 11 cm.
This object contains material of endangered species and is subject to certain trade restrictions. Prospective buyers should familiarize themselves with relevant customs regulations prior to bidding if they intend to import it into another country.

- Repairs
- Chips to the edges

The representation and the dimensions of the relief are like the bronze relief, but trimmed on the top and the side. Four versions of the plaque by Gian Federico Bonzagna are known and can be found in numerous collections. Versions in silver are likewise known. Cf. Comune di Ferrara, Placchette e bronzi nelle Civiche Collezioni. Florence, 1975.

CHF 1 000 / 1 500 | (€ 930 / 1 400)

Vendu pour CHF 875 (frais inclus)
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