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Unmounted brilliant-cut diamond of 6.03 ct, D/IF, Type IIA. With GIA Report No. 1146762802, with an additional letter of certification from the Gemmological Institute of America for its identification as a Type IIA. Type IIA corresponds to the chemically purest group of diamonds and has an exceptional optical transparency. Less than 2% of all gemstone diamonds belong to Type IIA. The Type IIA group was initially determined for diamonds of Indian origin (especially from the Golconda region), but, ever since, such diamonds have been found in all the diamond mines of the world. Examples of famous diamonds are the Cullinan I weighing 530.20 ct and the Koh-i-Noor weighing 105.60 ct. This brilliant-cut diamond was cut from a rough diamond of 15.93 ct. The stone was found in the Letseng diamond mine, in the Maloti Mountains of Lesotho.

Dieser Brillant wurde aus einem Rohdiamant von 15.93 ct geschliffen. Fundort des Rohsteines ist die Mine Letseng, in den Maluti Bergen von Lesotho. Während mehr als 3 Monaten wurde der Diamant mit hochmoderner Technologie und Ausrüstung von der weltweit tätigen Brachfeld-Group geschliffen um den höchsten Schliffgrad zu erreichen: Excellent Cut, Polish und Symmetrie.

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