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(Limoges 1841 - 1919 Cagnes-sur-Mer)
Paysage, vallée village sur la hauteur et fond de montagnes. 1900.
Oil on canvas.
With the estate stamp lower right.
26 x 36 cm.

The authenticity of the painting has been confirmed by the Wildenstein-Plattner Institute, New York, 17 September 2019.

- Succession Renoir.
- Collection Pierre Renoir.
- Private collection Rüschlikon, acquired in 1924 from the above and by descent to the present owners.

- Dauberville, Guy-Patrice und Michel: Renoir. Catalogue Raisonné des tableaux, pastels, dessins et aquarelles, Paris, 2010, vol. III, p. 153, no. 1963 (with ill.).
- Bernheim-Jeune (ed.): L'Atelier de Renoir, Paris, 1993, p. 75, no. 237 (with ill.).

Born during a time marked by revolutions, military conflicts and social tensions, Pierre-Auguste Renoir rekindled the love and joy of life through his works.

His encounter with Sisley, Monet and Bazille dates back to the start of his artistic practice and formed the beginning of his influential oeuvre over the next few decades. Renoir and his artist friends discovered the beauty of nature. The devotion to its richness of colour was conveyed on canvas, enabling the environment to shine in its infinite beauty. The immaterial seemed to have particular importance to Renoir and was given a central place in his paintings. This was accompanied by a new approach, placing the focus on the subjective view of the artist. The interplay of light, colour and atmosphere was shaping the emerging art movement, Impressionism, and is reflected above all in the landscape paintings of the artist. He repeatedly returned to his familiar locations, always drawing new inspiration from their appearance. The natural surroundings bespoke of a seemingly limitless palette of colours, which the artist worked into scores of other colours through the application of layers of paint. The natural elements with their colours brought to life in Renoir's paintings invite the viewer to feel the southern atmosphere and linger for a while, a goal the artist pursued in his works.

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