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Lot 1087 - A196 Decorative Arts - jeudi, 25. mars 2021, 13h30


Rococo, Potsdam ca. 1765. Johann Friedrich Spindler (1726 – 1799).
Walnut, walnut burlwood, plum and other, in part tinted fruitwoods, opulently inlaid with flower bouquets in reserves and fillets. Fine, later paintwork. Front with two drawers, one sans-traverse. Moulded, curved top, inlaid with fantasy landscapes, a central well with Neptune, and bucolic scenes as well as a castle. The lateral walls, likewise inlaid with flower bouquets in reserves. Fine gilt bronze mounts and sabots. The back with a seal, the inside of the drawers featuring the stamp "Prinzlich Reussisches Familien Privatfideikommiss Trebschen" and numbers on labels: 15 and 1048. 2 keys.
134 × 66 × 82.5 cm.

Minor replacements to the veneer. Conservation restorations and reinforcements. Veneer, in part sanded and bleached.


- Prinzlich Reuss'scher Privat Familienfideikommiss Schloss Trebschen, presumably under Count Heinrich IX. Reuss zu Köstriz (1711 - 1780), Royal Prussian Marshal and Minister of State of Frederick II the Great.
- Auction Leo Grünpeter Berlin, 23 and 24 April 1928; Collections of the Prinzlich Reuss'schen Privat Fiedeikommissbesitz Schloss Trebschen, Lot Nos. 31 and 32.
- Max Emden Collection (documented in a photograph taken in Emden's study on the Isola di Brissago, 1935).
- 1940 by inheritance to his son, Heinrich Emden.
- Probably sold on the occasion of an auction of the Emden Inventory, Isola di Brissago, in the summer of 1948.
- Hausamann Collection, Rolle Castle.
- Auction Koller Zurich, 5 November 1982, Lot No. 2493.
- Purchased in the Munich antique trade by the present owner.
- Swiss private collection.

The pair of commodes on offer has stamps on the inside of the drawers, identifying the two pieces of furniture as part of the Prinzlich Reuss'schen Privat Familienfiedeikommiss Schloss Trebschen. The Reuss'sche Fideikommiss was auctioned off as collections of the Prinzlich Reuss'schen Privatfideikommissbesitz Schloss Trebschen by the Berlin-based art and furniture auction house, Leo Grünpeter, in 1928.
The two chests of drawers on offer are erroneously listed in that Auction Catalogue as "Kommode. Französisch um 1750. Reich und fein intarsiert, bauchig gearbeitet. Bronzebeschläge der Zeit." and were auctioned under Lot Nos. 31 and 32. However, the illustration of Lot No. 31 on Plate IV proves that these are indeed the items currently on offer.

- Afra Schick. Friedrich der Große und der Hof Johann Friedrich und Heinrich Wilhelm Spindler. Die Möbelaufträge Friedrichs des Großen für das Neue Palais. In: Friedrich 300 – Colloquien Vol. 2 (2008) (
- A. Gonzales-Palacios et al. Il valore dei mobili antichi. Turin, 1983. p 53. With illustration and a reference to the Koller Auction.

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