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1564 Antwerp 1635

Joos de Momper was born into a family of artists in Antwerp who for generations had produced, bought, and sold paintings, and published engravings. He learned the painter's trade from his father and in 1581, at the age of just 17, he became a master in the Antwerp Guild of St Luke. He probably travelled to Italy in the 1580s. Joos de Momper became known as a master of landscape painting. His works were mainly inspired by the steep, rugged Alpine slopes and high rock masses depicted in the works of Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1525–1569). Momper often collaborated with figure painters such as Frans Francken the Younger (1581–1642), Pieter Snayers (1592–1667), Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568–1625) and Jan Brueghel the Younger (1601–1678).

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